Democratizing Thermal Imaging with Calumino

“Thermal Imaging” might suggest covert military operations, or scenes from sci-fi movies (aliens always seem to see in the dark). The technology is certainly used in those scenarios, but the technology has even more useful applications. In many ways the tech is simply infrared radiation detection of humans and other objects emitting heat, but it […]

Calumino is Welcomed as a Partner of Synerleap!

We are proud to announce our partnership with SynerLeap – an innovation growth hub powered by the global power-house, ABB. SynerLeap is an invaluable growth hub that will connect us with ABB’s R&D and business resource, as well as ABB’s customer base to assist us in winning projects that solve real problems for ABB.

Finalists in the ABB Electrification Challenge

Calumino have been chosen from 165 applications as part of a select few to take part in the 10-day ABB Electrification Challenge. From the 7-June we have just under two weeks to devise and implement a proof-of-concept solution for a key problem ABB is trying to solve! Let’s get to it.

Calumino Announced as a PropTech Award 2021 finalist!

Calumino will attend the inaugural PropTech Awards 2021 on May 27th as a finalist in the Smart Buildings & Cities category. It is an honour to be recognised for our smart building solution – the Sensor Hub. Good luck to all other finalists, we will see you there!