Calumino Thermal Sensor

Thermal sensor technology is the best human detection technology which was once reserved for the military, until now.

Hardware – OEM

Compact yet powerful — unleash new data anywhere.

Calumino empowers smart devices with privacy-centric, cost-effective thermal sensors. With strong, stable performance, scalable price point, and native low resolution to protect individual privacy, our patented, nanotech-based sensor is the leader for mass-market applications.

Superior Performance

The patented Micro-Optical Mechanical System (MOMS) has a fundamentally better Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) than other thermal technologies.


With a native low-resolution of 28 x 15 pixels, the Calumino Thermal Sensor generates a 100% privacy non-intrusive thermal image — no personally identifiable information (PII) is captured, ever.

Shutterless Design

Automatic shutterless correction increases reliability and delivers uninterrupted thermal imaging, enabling continuous real-time analytics.

Radiometrically Stable

Thermoelectric properties do not drift over time enabling true temperature measurements without a blackbody reference source.


Providing actionable insights through AI analytics

Our on-edge AI analyzes thermal sensor imagery and translates them into actionable data and insights for businesses on human activity, temperatures and changes in behavior.

GDPR compliant human activity data

Data on temperature, fires, water leaks etc.

Unlock dozens of benefits for existing and new industries

Calumino provides the world’s first and only combination of thermal sensor + on-edge AI, to unlock dozens of benefits for existing and new applications.


Providing actionable insights through AI analytics

Our on-edge AI analyzes thermal sensor imagery and translates them into actionable data and insights for businesses on human activity, temperatures and changes in behavior.

  • GDPR compliant human activity data
  • Data on temperature, fires, water leaks etc.
  • Unlock dozens of benefits for existing and new industries

Reference Designs

Calumino has developed multiple reference designs to help solve our customers’ system level application challenges from algorithm development, firmware, software drivers, to circuit design and layout. We work along side your engineering team to help accelerate your development and rapidly bring your product to market. Our team is constantly developing reference designs for new applications.


Why Partner with us?

Seamless integration, effortless innovation

Collaborate effortlessly with Calumino. We ensure smooth integration, working closely with your team. Our focus is on making the process simple and effective, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers.

Be the first mover in the era of smart sustainability

Gain early access to revolutionary thermal sensing capabilities. Benefit from our deep technical expertise and be among the first to explore the potential of our state-of-the-art technology, backed by decades of R&D. Our team’s knowledge becomes your asset, ensuring you stay ahead of the market by offering cutting-edge solutions powered by the CTS.

Build on a strong foundation of innovation

Build tailored solutions on our platform. Our technology provides a flexible but robust foundation. You have the freedom to create customized applications, addressing specific business challenges in commercial real estate. Adapt and innovate using our reliable technology base.

Unlock new revenue streams and opportunities

Join major industry players who are already developing the next generation smart solutions with the Calumino Thermal Sensor. Offer your clients cutting-edge solutions in human detection, energy sustainability, and safety. Enhance your product offerings by integrating our advanced, privacy-focused technology, designed for mass-market applications.

“The Calumino Thermal Sensor was the only thermal sensor that worked out of the box. It was set up in our conference room. We connected it to our laptop and watched the magic happen. It did what it said it did, the first time. No need for calibration. We just set up when no one is in the office to get a baseline. It was super easy.”

Kevin Johnstone, COO, Danlers


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Monitor to Prevent Contamination & Damage

Privacy-Protecting Occupancy Sensing & Energy Savings Control

Access Control & Fire Detection

Fall Detection & Living Patterns

Condition Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

Potential Applications

The world of thermal sensing continues to expand as we work to develop new and innovative ways to incorporate our products into new sectors.  


Driver fatigue monitoring
In-cabin pet & child detection


Human-machine interaction

Cold Chain

Monitor food & vegetable temperature in transit & loading
Detect anomalies during packaging

Public Transport

Passenger counting
Hazardous hotspots
Intruder detection


Privacy-protected trail mapping
Monitor shelf space

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Becoming a partner is easy. You can build our technology into your products and solutions. You can resell our existing products. Or we can work with you to develop new solutions for your customers.

Seamless integration, effortless innovation

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Calumino’s strategic partner, Ryoden Corp is a Japan-based company, engaged in the purchase and sale of factory automation (FA), refrigeration building system products, information and communication technology (ICT), as well as insurance agency business.



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