The Calumino platform is comprised of modular building blocks that generate invaluable business insights from thermal data. Built on a next-generation thermal sensor with embedded AI analytics, Calumino’s technology offers an unprecedented combination of customizable applications, flexible systems integrations, and an accessible price point, enabling enterprise scale deployment. 

Calumino Thermal Sensor

Privacy. Performance. Scalability.

Combining the intelligence of a camera and the privacy protection of a motion sensor, the Calumino Thermal Sensor does what no other technology can. Its unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio, image stability, and price point open new possibilities for customers across every industry.

Thermal Sensor Key Features

The Calumino Thermal Sensor is the best-performing affordable thermal sensor ever developed. With strong, stable performance, scalable price point, and native low resolution to protect individual privacy, our patented, nanotech-based sensor is the leader for mass-market applications.

Strong and Stable Performance
Privacy Protection
Mass Commercial Applications

AI Analytics

Turn your thermal sensor data into actionable insights.

To deliver new levels of insight and control for customers, we’ve pioneered cutting-edge software to generate valuable data from sensor images. Our AI-enabled analytics paired with our sensor hardware products are deployable on-cloud or on-edge, and are available either as an API data feed or dashboard interface.

The Benefits of AI Analytics

Our AI analyzes thermal sensor images and translates them into actionable data and insights for businesses to improve their operations by reducing carbon footprint and overhead, improving productivity, and enhancing safety and security.

Actionable Insights
Optimal Control
Improved Productivity


The only thermal sensor with edge AI.

The Calumino Thermal Sensor comes integrated with a mainstream IoT System on a Chip running embedded edge AI and the best API in the world to fast track hardware and software integration.

The Benefits of Integration

The Calumino Thermal Sensor is the world’s only affordable high-performance thermal sensor. Integrating the OEM module unlocks the potential of a broad range of innovative, meaningful end user solutions.

Plug-and-Play OEM Integration
Simple Evaluation
Embedded Edge AI

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