Calumino and ams OSRAM Forge Partnership to Drive Next-Gen Thermal Sensors

NEW YORK, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lightfair 2023 will witness the unveiling of a game-changing innovation that is set to disrupt the lighting industry as we know it. DANLERS, CALUMINO, and INGY have collaborated to develop a revolutionary intelligent lighting control sensor that accurately counts the number of people in a room at a price point approaching that of a high-end PIR sensor. The new DANLER’s CAL-CEFL12V utilizes CALUMINO’s next-generation thermal sensor technology coupled with embedded AI and computer vision to not only detect the presence of people, but also count them, providing real-time occupancy data that can be used for HVAC optimization, space utilization, security and more.

DANLERS CAL-CEFL12V Next Generation Advanced True Presence, Human Count & Location Detector
DANLERS CAL-CEFL12V Next Generation Advanced True Presence, Human Count & Location Detector

“The new DANLERS sensor allows the customer to immediately benefit from a wealth of data far beyond what is possible with conventional PIR sensors, while being 100% privacy non-intrusive – GDPR compliant,” said Marek Steffanson, CEO, CALUMINO. “This data will aid in reducing a building’s carbon footprint, optimizing space utilization, reducing harm and damage, and supporting evacuation procedures.”

“This innovation aligns with INGY’s vision of using lighting to get the smart-building infrastructure into the building without increasing the lighting budget,” said Bastiaan de Groot, CEO, INGY. “The cost of retrofitting people counting sensors after the building is complete is often cost prohibitive, by integrating it in the lighting in this way, the hardware can be installed at a marginal increase in the lighting budget, we expect this marginal increase to further reduce in the near future.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of this groundbreaking collaboration between DANLERS, CALUMINO, and INGY, which has resulted in the creation of the revolutionary CAL-CEFL12V people counting sensor. This innovation has the potential to enhance the lighting industry and enable us to work towards a better, safer, and greener office space,” said Kevin Johnstone, Chief Operations Office, DANLERS.

The CAL-CEFL12V features CALUMINO’s 100% privacy-protective low-resolution thermal sensor with on-edge AI, making it ideal for applications that require highly accurate data without compromising privacy. The ceiling flush-mounted device senses heat signatures with up to a 70 square meter detection zone, providing true human presence, count, and location, as well as hot object count, temperature, and thermal mapping.

The CAL-CEFL12V is ideal for mounting at a height of 2 to 4 meters and includes a light sensor and wired DALI control lines. The sensor is as easy to install and configure, like a standard PIR sensor, connecting to one or more DALI (emergency) fixtures, which can be individually addressed. It can be grouped with other sensors using the INGY commissioning application and linked to an enOcean wall switch for manual lighting control. Thanks to the integrated Ingy wireless mesh network it can serve a wide range of smart building functions including asset tracking, indoor navigation, energy optimization and more.

The DANLERS, CALUMINO, and INGY collaboration has resulted in a game-changing innovation that is set to disrupt the lighting industry. The CAL-CEFL12V is an affordable, reliable, and accurate people counting sensor that offers real-time occupancy data capture without compromising privacy. It is an innovation that will enable the lighting system to add value far beyond providing lighting alone.

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