The Calumino Thermal Sensor (CTS)

The CTS is literally a first of its kind — distinct from conventional thermopiles and bolometers, this sensor is the highest-performing low-cost thermal sensor ever.

The Calumino OEM module (left) will be available 1/2021 for selected customers. The Calumino Evaluation Sensor (right) is available for purchase now.

Evaluation and Software Development Kits

Calumino’s Plug&Play Evaluation and Software Development Kits as simple to use as a webcam, so customers are able to collect data and validate the CTS with ease.

Plug & Play

Simply Download the CTS app, connect via USB and you are good to go.


Our intuitive UI provides the simplest platform ever for thermal sensor evaluation and analysis.

Technical and Software Support

Calumino is currently offering complementary technical and data analysis support to early adopters of the CTS.