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Intelligent thermal sensing to advance security, safety, energy, and productivity.

And that’s just the beginning.

Market Segments

Only Calumino offers privacy, performance, and scalability for unlimited mass-market opportunities. 

Pest Control

Small Animal Sensing & Damage Prevention

Monitor rodents in real time to prevent contamination, damage, and avoid production shutdowns while differentiating between animals and humans minimizes false positives.

Our thermal sensor identifies rodents in a processing plant.
Thermal sensing identifies three humans in an office.

Smart building management

Privacy-Protecting Occupancy Sensing & Energy Savings Control

Unintrusive people sensing and occupancy detection saves energy by optimizing lighting and HVAC control and creates a safer workspace by enhancing capacity control and evacuation support.

Safety & Security

Access Control & Fire Detection

Monitor restricted areas for intruders and early hotspot detection to drastically reduce response times in hazardous situations.

Thermal sensor identifies human in a staircase during a fire.
Thermal sensor shows that an elderly man has fallen.

Senior care

Fall Detection & Living Patterns

Privacy-protected people sensing and occupancy detection to care for our loved ones by detecting falls in real time and analyzing sleep patterns, living patterns, and loneliness.


Asset Monitoring & Anomaly Detection

Monitor assets remotely on real temperatures and relative temperature changes to reduce asset downtime by improving preventative maintenance procedures based on thermal patterns.

Thermal sensor identifies hot spots on a computer.

Potential Applications

Partner with us to find exciting new ways to improve the lives of your customers.




Cold Chain


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